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Roentgen Stories

I watched Roentgen Stories earlier coz I missed HYDE. I liked that DVD a lot. I bought it I think last year and I think that was the first time I ordered something online. I wasn’t actually the one who ordered it but a friend ordered it for me. THANK YOU!!!

The DVD contains 4 PVs from HYDE’s roentgen album. They were Evergreen, Angel’s Tale, Shallow Sleep and Secret Letter. All the PVs were somewhat connected with each other which was probably the reason it was called roentgen stories.

Actually, before I bought the DVD, I did not know that the PVs were connected with each other, but after watching the DVD, I realized that they did have a story behind. Hyde somewhat killing the old man>> then he decided to think about what he did>> then killing himself>>Hyde dying (so scary thinking about such things) and being inside the casket after that he’s still alive but was captured. It’s mind boggling but it was fun watching it. THe songs made me feel different emotions: teary-eyed, thoughtful, relieved and sad.

I guess HYDE really did a good job in connecting his emotions to the listeners thru his songs.


Amazing Race Asia

I was watching Amazing Race Asia yesterday. I was really disappointed that the 2 Filipino Teams were already out. 😦 It somehow felt that our country didn’t represent well on the race but that was just my opinion.

I was hoping that they would atleast be eliminated on the later part of the race and not being the first 2 teams eliminated. Now, I don’t feel like watching the show because the teams I’m rooting for were both eliminated.

I just can’t believe that they’d be eliminated so soon. They looked really competitive during the pre-race but I guess all the other teams were MORE seriously racing and are more determined to win.


[OT] I’ve just read about what tags were all about but I’m still not sure why I should use it… Is it really needed? after all, my journal doesn’t have that many entries yet… Maybe it’d be useful someday so I guess I’ll just edit all the post for now and try adding tags on it.

Adobe Photoshop

I’m trying to learn Adobe Photoshop today afterall I don’t have anything to do right now so its better to use the time in learning new things. I wanted to “pimp up” (is this the right term?) this LJ so it would look much more pleasing hehe

I’ve been browsing through the net for free online tutorials and I found this site >>

I hope this is a useful site. Actually you may opt to have the lessons sent to you via email. This is a free service and I think it is much better if it’s sent through email so that atleast I would have a personal copy of it whenever I forgot the site 🙂

The site, I think, also offers different tutorials aside from Adobe Photoshop. Its free anyway so there’s no harm in trying 😉

[OT] I just read in Pieces that L’Arc~en~Ciel Anniversary Live COncert will be shown on WOWOW. DANG!!! We don’t have WOWOW anymore… This is frustrating!!! I hope it would also be shown on NHK but ITS way too impossible. I guess my only option would be to download it if a kind soul would upload it.


This restaurant was one of the best eat all you can resto i have ever been. There was a wide variety of foods ranging from japanese cuisines ,filipino cuisines and some italian (nachos and the likes). The desserts were fantastics: cakes, ice creams, and rice cakes (puto and stuff).

The price i think is reasonable enough (P515 during weekends and P400+ during weekdays). Actually you have the option not to choose the P515 because you may opt not to eat at the different cuisines offered by the resto inside DaDs. What I meant by this is that this resto is actually 3 resto in 1 (DaD’s, saisaki, and kamayan).

Pag P515 bibigyan ka ng blue plate. Ibig sabihin nun pde kang kumuha sa kahit saan. Pag ung isang price yellow plate ung ibibigay sayo tas may ibang foods na di ka pdeng kumuha.

I wasn’t able to taste any japanese food because I was already full hehe. Maybe next time I’ll try some. My dad said it tasted good.

Detective Conan Episode 40

I was watching detective conan today and I’m already at episode 39. It was a two part episode series so I was really excited to watch it. When I finished the episode i fast forwarded the remote because I don’t like the ending theme and then…. a;lsjfklajdfo! THe DVD I bought doesn’t have any episode 40! I looked at the other episodes thinking that it was probably misencoded but NO!!! Its not there huhuhu…. I was really frustrated because I wanted to know who the killer was for that episode.

WAAAHHHHH! What am I suppose to do? Right now I’m looking for atleast a summary of that epsiode but I can’t find it. I hope I’ll be able to find one soon because this would really bug me big time!

(after several hours)

I’ll probably just continue the series… I’m so frustated it makes me grumpy! grrr. Good thing the episode in this series is not connected with other episodes so you can skip any part of the series and watch whatever episode you like.

still I’m frustrated!

Sleepy Driver

I was so sleepy today but my mom asked me to drive her to school where she works. I was hoping my dad would be available today so he could drive her but my dad has a meeting with his friends. My bro on the other hand went somewhere so I’m the only one left who can drive her to school. I decided to sleep for a few minutes but it only made me more sleepy.

Another thing making me sleepy was the time. I had to drive at noon… sleepy hour where I don’t feel like moving around. I can’t do anything about it so I just drove slowly. There were times I hear the honking of horns at the back… probably because I’m slowing down without knowing. My mom on the other hand was sleeping at the passenger seat… Jeezzz THAT MADE ME EVEN MORE SLEEPY!!! The radio on the other hand are playing mellow songs. Sometimes I do wonder why they play this songs at noon when they do realize that most of their listeners are drivers. How ironic playing songs like that which only makes people feel sleepy.

When we arrived (thankfully without any accident) I waited for her in the car. I tried to sleep but it was hot inside so I can’t sleep. I also can’t leave the door open because someone might try to get in so I had no choice but to wait.

This day was definitely a boring day. Sleepy feeling and long waiting is such a boring activity. I can’t even tell if it’s an activity because its so boring.

Mall of Asia

I woke up early today because me and my friends are going to Mall of Asia (as if I have any more money). Our meeting time was 1130 am. I still haven’t asked my parents if I could go so during breakfast I somehow managed to tell my mom I’m going somewhere. I don’t think my mom understood it correctly because she still asked me to do something eventhough I’ve already told her I’m going somewhere. I did what my mom asked me to do, took a bath and dressed up. It was already 9:30 am that time so I needed to hurry. My place is really far away from the city so I need to allot some travel time. When I told them I’m already going…it seems like they were surprised but then they allowed me to go and even asked if I still have money. I said the truth that I still have money and then off I go!

I arrived at the bus terminal 10 minutes later just to realize that the bus was not even full yet (I think there were only 5 to 10 people inside) which means I have to wait for it to be full! It was already 10:30 am when the bus was filled with passengers, thankfully there was no traffic but I still arrived late.


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