My journey then til now

longest day

This has to be the longest day… I Woke up pretty early thinking that the result has already been uploaded. I was quite nervous about it since no one is texting me if the result were out so I thought that the reason why no one is texting me is due to the fact that I failed the exams. I guess I was just imagining that idea because when I checked the site, I learned that ITS STILL NOT UPLOADED. I guess this time around, there were too many examinees. This is frustrating! I can’t focus on anything except for thinking about that exam which is causing me a BIG headache!

Yesterday I can’t post an entry coz I just can’t. I thought the results was gonna be posted yesterday so that was the only thing I was thinking about but again I was wrong… Jeezz this exam is making me feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack! The nerves near my heart feels constricted (is that what you call them??). I think they are not functioning properly right now (kinda exaggerating).

maybe this journal is going to be all about that exam… I can’t believe this! When I chat with my friends online that’s the only thing were talking about and up till now that’s the only thing I’m writing about… this has to stop… hahaha

I hope the results will be out today coz tomorrow I’m taking an exam. Yes… another exam. I don’t actually feel like taking an exam tomorrow because I don’t want to WORK yet but I’m already scheduled for it so I can’t backout (I’ll still confirm it later because they might have forgotten they called me hehe).Still, I don’t want to work yet… I want to atleast enjoy my life for a change. I’ve been studying for so many years and I would atleast want to get tired of doing NOTHING.

I remembered something! I was suppose to talk about Detective Conan today and how fun the plot of the series is. DC is a very cool anime. Each episode makes you think who the real killer is although sometimes I feel that the killer usually is the one who doesn’t look like a killer and the one who looks like a killer is just a bad person who do bad things but is not the particular killer during that time.

Another thing I’m really hooked right now is TAKESHI’s CASTLE!. Everybody must watch this. It is shown every Mondays to Fridays, 8 pm at QTV and hosted by Joey de Leon. It is a total LAUGH TRIP. I remembered watching this show when I was a kid at IBC 13 and the one hosting it before was Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manoloto. It was much more fun watching it back then because the scenes were not thoroughly cut and the commercials were few. I still enjoy watching it today especially when I’m so stressed that I needed something to laugh at.

None of my friends have an LJ… how sad… Maybe I should invite them continuously until they are so sick of seeing the message and decided to create an account hahaha.

How do I join a community??? I don’t know… I might as well ask someone who knows about LJ…

ok i’m off. gonna check again if the results are out.

(I’m actually typing in english! NEAT! hehe. THe truth is I’m practicing so that atleast I could think spontaneously in english and the only problem would be speaking in english hehe)


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