My journey then til now

Passed the Licensure Exam!

I can’t believe it! I did pass the licensure exam! I knew about it since wednesday night and all I can do was thank GOD for everything that HE did. There are times that I feel that I haven’t been praying enough or I haven’t been doing my part in studying well enough but I guess I really did study and pray enough. I could still remember the feeling (but I can’t thoroughly express it in writing) of relief that all the hardwork really paid off. 5 years of studying in college and 6 months of review was definitely a long time of academic years.

I went to church and thanked God for the blessings He gave to me. I was fortunate to have passed the exam because some of my batchmates were not able to pass…

Afterwards me and my friend went to Makati. She accompanied me to my exam hehe. Good thing coz I don’t actually have any idea where it was. I did have an idea where it was but I’m not familiar in the makati area. The exam… I’m not so sure if its hard or I’m just not concentrating. I was still thinking about the good news that I had the night before so I’m not ready in taking the pre-employment exam. The first part was an english exam (definitely not good in that area haha), the next was something like converting the problem into a formula, next was the number sequence, after that was the computation which requires you not to use any scratch paper and the last part was flow charting. To tell you the truth, I was not able to finish any part of the exam… O well, if I did not pass the pre-employment exam then I’ll just look for other companies. But I’m still hoping I’d pass so that atleast I would have a sure job just in case…

Before that, we accidentally met our upperbatch (sempais hehe) in the makati area. Good thing we met them because we’re a little bit lost… They showed us the building I’m suppose to go. They told us they were working at the company next to the building I’m suppose to go. We asked them if the job in their company was ok and they said it was fine. They get a lot of experience which would benefit them just in case they looked for other jobs. Probably were going to apply there also…

After the exam me and my friend went to glorietta because my sibs wanted me to buy donuts! I don’t even have any more allowances but I decided to still buy the donuts to atleast treat them since I passed the board exams.

I was tired but I’m very happy!


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