My journey then til now

Mall of Asia

I woke up early today because me and my friends are going to Mall of Asia (as if I have any more money). Our meeting time was 1130 am. I still haven’t asked my parents if I could go so during breakfast I somehow managed to tell my mom I’m going somewhere. I don’t think my mom understood it correctly because she still asked me to do something eventhough I’ve already told her I’m going somewhere. I did what my mom asked me to do, took a bath and dressed up. It was already 9:30 am that time so I needed to hurry. My place is really far away from the city so I need to allot some travel time. When I told them I’m already going…it seems like they were surprised but then they allowed me to go and even asked if I still have money. I said the truth that I still have money and then off I go!

I arrived at the bus terminal 10 minutes later just to realize that the bus was not even full yet (I think there were only 5 to 10 people inside) which means I have to wait for it to be full! It was already 10:30 am when the bus was filled with passengers, thankfully there was no traffic but I still arrived late.

Me and my friends arrived at mall of Asia at around 12 noon. We thought the others would already be there but we were wrong. NO ONE was at the meeting place! We tried to contact them through their cellphones but there were no signal inside MALL OF ASIA. It was really frustrating! When we managed to contact them (after walking and walking and walking at trying to contact them at different parts of the mall) I think it was already 1230 or 1 pm.

After that we ate lunch at a chinese restaurant. I didn’t really like the food but I also didn’t hate it. I can say the food was so-so. I guess I’m just not used to eating chinese foods. Our stay in that restaurant was quite unique because we were chosen as guest of the week haha.

Now off to the main event: The true reason of going to the mall was to go skating! I don’t really know how to skate although I’ve tried it once. I thought all of us don’t know how to skate but when we stepped on to the rink I learned that most of them have already tried roller blades. It was fun trying to skate haha. I didn’t fall but I can’t say I actually learned it after trying it for a couple of hours. Probably I was able to manage to glide a few times but I’m really scared to fall so I really concentrated on NOT falling haha. I enjoyed it but I really can’t skate too long because my feet already hurts. Just trying to stand on the ice is using up most of my energy hehe. Another thing about skating… the skates were really SMELLY!!! Whenever I tie my skates I would smell that killer aroma. It makes you think that all the people there have athletes foot!

After that we went home. I was hoping that we would atleast play for a few hours in TIMEZONE but I was wrong. I guess most of us don’t have any more money because the skating fee was a little bit expensive. HOnestly, my cash on hand was only enough for a round of playing at timezone so I decided to skip the idea of playing (although I really wanted to).

My shuttle ride at home was kinda weird.I was seated at the very back, window seat area so that I could sleep. The person beside me was a guy with his friend. It was dark inside so I can’t tell how he looked like but I’m very sure he’s somewhat my age. When the shuttle started to move I started to sleep. When I woke up, we were still traversing the south super highway then the guy beside me asked me if we were still far from san pedro. I said probably a few more minutes and we’d arrive at the toll gate. A few more silence then he asked me for my number and asking me for my name. He even asked me if I had a BF and he wanted to befriend me. I didn’t give it to him even though he kept of persuading me because I barely know him. Although he doesn’t look like someone who’d kidnap me or anything but I’m just not used to giving it without the usual introduction and not in that manner. In the end he said “Nagpapasalamat na lang kami at nagkaron kami ng chance na makasabay ka sa aming pag-uwi.”

It was a fun day and I had a great time!


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