My journey then til now

Sleepy Driver

I was so sleepy today but my mom asked me to drive her to school where she works. I was hoping my dad would be available today so he could drive her but my dad has a meeting with his friends. My bro on the other hand went somewhere so I’m the only one left who can drive her to school. I decided to sleep for a few minutes but it only made me more sleepy.

Another thing making me sleepy was the time. I had to drive at noon… sleepy hour where I don’t feel like moving around. I can’t do anything about it so I just drove slowly. There were times I hear the honking of horns at the back… probably because I’m slowing down without knowing. My mom on the other hand was sleeping at the passenger seat… Jeezzz THAT MADE ME EVEN MORE SLEEPY!!! The radio on the other hand are playing mellow songs. Sometimes I do wonder why they play this songs at noon when they do realize that most of their listeners are drivers. How ironic playing songs like that which only makes people feel sleepy.

When we arrived (thankfully without any accident) I waited for her in the car. I tried to sleep but it was hot inside so I can’t sleep. I also can’t leave the door open because someone might try to get in so I had no choice but to wait.

This day was definitely a boring day. Sleepy feeling and long waiting is such a boring activity. I can’t even tell if it’s an activity because its so boring.


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