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Detective Conan Episode 40

I was watching detective conan today and I’m already at episode 39. It was a two part episode series so I was really excited to watch it. When I finished the episode i fast forwarded the remote because I don’t like the ending theme and then…. a;lsjfklajdfo! THe DVD I bought doesn’t have any episode 40! I looked at the other episodes thinking that it was probably misencoded but NO!!! Its not there huhuhu…. I was really frustrated because I wanted to know who the killer was for that episode.

WAAAHHHHH! What am I suppose to do? Right now I’m looking for atleast a summary of that epsiode but I can’t find it. I hope I’ll be able to find one soon because this would really bug me big time!

(after several hours)

I’ll probably just continue the series… I’m so frustated it makes me grumpy! grrr. Good thing the episode in this series is not connected with other episodes so you can skip any part of the series and watch whatever episode you like.

still I’m frustrated!


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