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Roentgen Stories

I watched Roentgen Stories earlier coz I missed HYDE. I liked that DVD a lot. I bought it I think last year and I think that was the first time I ordered something online. I wasn’t actually the one who ordered it but a friend ordered it for me. THANK YOU!!!

The DVD contains 4 PVs from HYDE’s roentgen album. They were Evergreen, Angel’s Tale, Shallow Sleep and Secret Letter. All the PVs were somewhat connected with each other which was probably the reason it was called roentgen stories.

Actually, before I bought the DVD, I did not know that the PVs were connected with each other, but after watching the DVD, I realized that they did have a story behind. Hyde somewhat killing the old man>> then he decided to think about what he did>> then killing himself>>Hyde dying (so scary thinking about such things) and being inside the casket after that he’s still alive but was captured. It’s mind boggling but it was fun watching it. THe songs made me feel different emotions: teary-eyed, thoughtful, relieved and sad.

I guess HYDE really did a good job in connecting his emotions to the listeners thru his songs.


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