My journey then til now

I was watching Shanghai live and I remembered just how much I really liked to see them performing live here in the PHilippines. How I wished that someday they’d perform here and do the MCs in Tagalog. I really envy the “Chiner” (That’s how hyde pronounced China during the concert when he said “HELLO CHINER”). They were able to witness my most favorite band in whole wide world in concert performing all those great songs!

Their opening act was KILLING ME. I was addicted to this song for a long time. I really liked the upbeat tempo of it. If you’ve seen the PV you’ll feel something mind boggling watching it. I don’t know… when I watched it the first time, in my mind I kept thinking what the heck is going on! it’s so stripey and weird. People flying and getting stuck on walls with red faces. Good thing about the PV was that they all looked cool there. Back to the performance. I think it was a great opening act since it makes the audience lively. THe song makes you want to headbang while singing. Everyone was jumping and waving their hands. IT was really fun watching all of them having fun.

Next was Heaven’s Drive. Another rockin’ song! It keeps all the audience hyped while they still have the energy. THis song are just some of the few songs were hyde gets to play the guitar. I just remembered! somehow his look during this concert (the haircut) was somewhat similar to his haircut for the heaven’s drive PV although it was a little bit shorter before and there were i think some highlights.

NExt was Driver’s High. This song was from their album ark. Heaven’s Drive was also from ark album (their definitely into driving?). I also like this song because whenever they perform it, you can definitely see that they’re having fun on stage. Dang! ken showing his stuff (i mean his guitar skills). I just liked it when it was already the CRASH! and FLASH! part coz you feel the energy of the song.

afterwards HYDE did the MC. Speaking in chinese language. How hyde said the words were remarkable. I thought he memorized the words then i realized he was looking down! dang! I was almost fooled into believing that he knows what he was saying. He then introduced their next song Lost Heaven.

i guess that’s it for now. I can’t write everything right now. Had some stuff to do 😀 All I can say is that they performed really well. I may be biased but what can i say, I do admire them! LARUKU ROCKS!!! I hope they’d stay together as a band for as long as they can.

I’d try to post the setlist and some pics if i have some time. (and if i’m not lazy hehe)

BTW. I don’t know if anyone’s reading this that’s why I don’t really have to put a lot of effort hehe.


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