My journey then til now

Memorable Picture

We have just finished eating in a restaurant where the embassy can be seen so we decided to take picture outside. Me and my bro were having fun. Taking pictures here and there and trying the features of the new digicam bought by my sister. My sis and mom went on a nearby agency to inquire about something while waiting for our dad. So while were taking pictures, we then focused on the embassy and took a picture and then the problem happened!

The security guards there saw us taking pictures eventhough were on the other side of the road! He then called us from the other side. It was a little bit scary because we’ve never been interrogated before by an officer but I tried to be calm for my bro coz he was the one taking pictures.

Sabi nga ng kapatid ko “Naku nde kaya makulong tayo?”

Sabi ko nga “di yan. wala naman tayong kasalanan.”

Then we went there.

They said “sensya na po policy/protocol lang.”

So I showed them the pics we took and they saw that there were no pictures of the embassy. The reason there were no pics was that the pic we took was covered by the jeepney (THANK GOD!). I even explained to them were the pics were located and how it was taken. He was satisfied with the explanation and he even joked about how much the camera was. He then asked us to show it to the one in command and I showed it to them again many times. He said

“Pinipituhan daw kayo pero di kayo tumigil”

Then my bro said “A bka po di namin narinig”

which was true. Jeez! how can you hear that when your on the other side and cars/jeeps are on the road.

Everything was fine though. the one in command was satisfied and the security guards apologized. 🙂 IT WAS A RELIEF.

The only thing i’m really pissed off was why we had to go thru all that ordeal! I never knew it was not allowed to take a picture of an embassy! There was never a sign there that said you should not take pictures! What if they did see a picture! Is it that bad to take some remembrance of the places you visited! Maybe next time they should atleast post some guidelines which can be seen by innocent people who somehow decides to take pictures. Atleast these people would know beforehand that it is not allowed.

Actually, I’m not angry with the guards or anyone for that matter. I’m just angry with the policy of that embassy. That policy is not something everyone knows because it is SO not normal! My bro was really nervous and I was worried. It was a little bit traumatic.


MORAL: Never take a picture with an embassy as a background and never even attempt to focus any kind of digital imaging device to an embassy.


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