My journey then til now


I learned how to cook PANGAT a few days ago. Its quite easy considering that I have no idea how to cook anything except for fried stuffs 🙂

The Ingredients:

2 big tilapia
1/3 of ginger
1 sibuyas
2 pieces garlic
1 tomato
1/2 pack of the tamarind seasoning


1. Cut the tomato in quarters. Also slice the sibuyas
2. Get the ginger and garlic and mash it using a mortar and pestle
3. Cut the tilapia in half and wash them.
4. Put everything (tomato, luya and fishes) inside the pot and add atleast 2-4 cups of water making sure that the fishes are totally submerged in water.
5. Add some salt and pepper. My tip is to add a teaspoonful first then just add more later depending on your taste
6. turn on the stove and wait for it to boil
7. Once it boils, add the seasoning and vetsin. Wait for 2-3 minutes then try tasting it. If it taste bland, just add a few more salt.
8. Let it boil again until the fishmeat are soft enough to eat.

As for the serving size, it was enough to feed 3 people (my mom, bro and me).
Easy isn’t it! It’s basically a put everything in and let it boil kind of food. 🙂


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