My journey then til now

NANA Live action

I watched Nana Movie a few minutes ago. It was a really good movie.

It showed the lives of 2 very different and opposite person who happens to have the same name “NANA”. One is a vocalist of a rock band and the other is a (trying to think of a suitable word… can’t think of anything) cutesy type.

They met on the train heading for Tokyo where both have a very opposite objective. The first one happens to go to Tokyo to fufill her career as a vocalist while the other plans to follow her boyfriend who’s studying in an art university.

Both looked for an apartment and by chance they ended up meeting in a same apartment and decided to share the space. Everything happens from here on.

There were so many differences between the two NANAs but these differences bonded them together. Their relationships with their partners were the focus of the story. How they handled their situations and how they somehow helped each other were the few turning points of the story.

It’s not the type of movie where you’ll laugh your hearts out or cry a bucket of tears but it is the type where in the end you’ll think about yourselves and somehow relate to their stories one way or another.

I really admired Nika Nakashima’s performance. I even downloaded this performance before but during that time I haven’t watched the movie so I kinda lost the feel of the song. But after watching the movie I appreciated the song more. I liked how she sang the song and how she portrayed the role. I was also surprised to see the actor who was also acting as L in deathnote to be also in this movie. I was quite shocked seeing him here 🙂

It was also a plus that HYDE made the music for the song that Mika Nakashima sang. That’s why it somehow sounded familiar when I was watching the movie.


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