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GTO Anime

I just finished watching the anime “Great Teacher Onizuka.”

This anime was about Onizuka Eikichi who turned into a teacher and changed the lives of his students and the people around him. He was a member of a motorcycle gang before and feared by other gangs. He decided that he wanted to be a teacher to meet HS girls (not really the true reason). While he was on his way for his interview, he saw Ms. Fuyutsuki being molested by an old man. Ms. Fuyutsuki was also on her way for an interview to become a full pledged teacher. He saved her and beaten the old man out.

When he arrived for his interview he saw the old man he has just beaten and there he realized he was the vice principal of the school. Due to his previous actions and his very low qualification, he was rejected for the position. He went to a the cafeteria/lobby and released his thoughts to a middle-aged woman whom he believed to be the store owner. He said that people tend to look down on people with very low qualifications that is why he wanted to be a teacher. He doesn’t want his students to feel the same feelings he felt before where his teachers kept on looking down on him because he is stupid (it was something like that). While drinking and talking with the middle-aged woman, a commotion happened in the hallway where the vice principal was being threatened by suspended students. Onizuka happened to hear all the commotion however instead of helping the vice principal, he still did what he thought was right and beat the hell out of the vice principal. He said it was his fault why these students became the way they are now. If he would work in this environment where they do not treat others equally then he would rather not become a teacher anymore. There and then he left and decided not to fulfill his dream anymore. However, all of these were heard by the middle-aged woman who happened to be the Chairman/Principal of the school. She decided that Onizuka is the most suited to become a teacher.

Onizuka then became a teacher and was assigned to class 3-4 which was the most delinquent class on the school. No teacher lasted in the said class because of the way they treated their teachers. Of course he was no exception to the class. They tried many different tricks to force him to resign but he was not threatened by their actions. He learned all their problems and helped in solving them to the utmost of his capabilities and without even thinking about himself. He made sure that he would not abandon his students and the students slowly saw these traits. He was able to change how they look at their perspectives in life.

It was a really good anime filled with a lot of moral lessons. A lot of problems usually seen on HS students as well as the wrong doings of different teachers these days can also be related to the episodes shown on the anime. Although this anime was filled with valuable lessons in life, it was able to incorporate a comedic way in showing it. All of the time, this anime would make you laugh because of the things Onizuka and his students do.

I also liked the art on how the anime was drawn. The music also jived with the anime. THe opening and ending theme were great! One of the opening theme was Driver’s High from L’Arc~en~Ciel. It really suits the anime. I am very happy that Laruku’s song was one of the themes of the Great ANIME!


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