My journey then til now


I learned this a few days back but I forgot to post it.

Cooking this type is fairly simple. The steps were almost the same as PANGAT but the ingredients were different.

1 piece Tomato
garlic (I forgot how many pieces but just a few would be enough)
1 pack tamarind seasoning

1. Wash the meat or fish and put it inside the pot.
2. Cut the tomato in quarters and put it inside the pot.
3. Remove the skin of the garlic and squash it then put it also inside the pot.
4. Add 2-4 cups of water making sure that the meat or fish are totally submerged in the water.
5. Put the pot in the stove and turn it on. Wait until the meat is almost cooked by making sure that it is quite soft (but not totally cooked yet).
6. While waiting for it, slice the labanos in thin strips while the okra in halves. As for the kangkong, remove parts of the stem. Set them aside.
7. Once the meat is quite soft, add the tamarind seasoning and a few pinch of salt and vetsin.
8. After 2-3 minutes add the labanos.
9. Once it boils again add the okra and kangkong then wait a few more minutes before turning it off.

As for this recipe, it is mostly based on my instinct when I should put the other ingredients or how much of the salt and vetsin should I put. Basically, it all depends on your taste šŸ™‚

P.S. I’m not really experienced in cooking that’s why I write it here so that I won’t forget šŸ™‚


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