My journey then til now

Finding Work

Right now, I’m trying to look for work. Honestly, it is hard finding one considering that I am a fresh graduate with no work experience. My OJT before did not give me enough training to actually prepare me in my quest in being an “earning citizen.” I’m not really a bright person eventhough I did pass my licensure exam. In fact, I had a lot of “misfortunes” during my college years which I feel is really backfiring now that I’m looking for a decent work. I had to accept that fact and try to boost my confidence by looking at different aspects which I’m good at.

Let me enumerate the companies I’ve already applied for:

1. Accenture – they called me a week before my licensure exam and asked me if I’m interested in taking an exam. I was actually cramming that time and all I could say was OK but I would like to take the pre-employment exam a few days after my licensure exam. My pre-employment exam, I believe, didn’t go well just like what I’ve posted in my previous entry because they never called me back eventhough I followed-up my application and asked them about it. The only reply I got was “We’d call you” but they never did.

2. Fujitsu – I sent my resume (last november) at jobstreet but somehow nothing happened. I can’t tell if I would still be called because as of this moment, the status of my application there was “In Process”

3. Perkin Elmer – I’m not really that interested in this company but I tried it anyways because they called me up and asked me to take a pre-employment exam for process engineer. It’s a good experience to take an exam in this company because I definitely learned my weakness. I’m not good in my electronics subject that’s for sure because the exam was all about electronics. By the way, this is a semiconductor company that’s why their exams were mostly about electronics.

4. Ionics – another semiconductor company. My application here was definitely unexpected because I happen to meet someone during the wedding I attended then he asked me if I’m interested to apply and that I could email my resume to him and he’d be the one to forward it to the HR. Lucky enough I had an exam and interview. The pre-employment exam was easy, just the usual aptitude tests and supervisory exams. I was then told I can proceed to the interview. 2 interviews actually, 1 from the HR and the other a technical interview. I totally messed-up my tech interview. Why? because my pride is telling me I’m not suited in the work their offering considering that I took another technical exam just before the interview and I scored a FLAT ZERO. My morale almost collapsed but I can’t show it. I don’t even want to talk about anything and all I could do was agree and disagree about the things their saying. I did manage to explain a few things but I can sense that they are not satisfied. The HR said they’d call me in 2 to 3 weeks time. That should be this week and next week. I can’t tell what will happen.

5. Solegy – an IT company which I sent my resume through email but no response till now. It’s still to early to tell though

6. Sumitomo Design and Manufacturing – its a manufacturing company I saw on jobstreet and I decided to send my resume. So far my status is “under consideration”

7. ROHM – I also saw this on jobstreet and as of the moment, my status is still NEW: application not yet viewed.

8. Toshiba – they called me and asked me to send my application online. I decided to give it a try because their offer was really good. Its an overseas job in Japan and just in case I’m not assigned there, I have no bond whatsoever with the company. I just recently sent my application so I can’t tell what’s gonna happen.

9. AWS/ADTX – It’s an IT company again. I really wanted to work here because they offer a good training plus nihonggo lessons plus a chance to be sent to Japan. I already took an exam here. I was able to answer a lot of questions. I hope it’d be enough to help me move on to the next level. The only drawback in this company is that the training would start on april/may 2007. That would mean that I really have to think carefully if I’d want to pursue this because I would be bum again for a couple of months more.

10. Navitaire – a good friend of mine happen to refer me during her interview that’s why I received a message asking me to email my resume to them. It’s actually another IT company.

It seems I have already applied to a lot of company now that I have enumerated them. I was really active this month in applying because I really wanted to have a job. It doesn’t really have to be a high-paying job but I’m hoping that the pay would atleast be enough to also let me enjoy life and still be able to give some to my parents. If it is not a high-paying job atleast I hope it would give me a good training which would enable me to continuously learn new things.

The job expo at our school would still be on february. I can definitely sense that I’m still jobless till that time but I’m hoping I’m wrong. I hope that by that time I’d only be waiting on when I’m suppose to start.

I really hope I’d be working in an IT environment because I’m really iterested in IT, programming. My dad doesn’t want me to work there but I just can’t see myself working in a semiconductor company.

I do hope I’d be able to find a decent job and I hope I’d be able to make the right decision just in case I need to choose something over the other.

I’m a HOPEFUL person in this post. It’s really true because right now, all I can do is hope, pray and prepare.


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