My journey then til now

Ant Infestation

I HATE ANTS! Even if they are the most hardworking insect in the whole wide world, still, their invasion is just too much.

Our house is totally infested with ants. Even our doorbell outside is infested with those pests. It’s so irritating. I kept seeing their trail in almost all parts of our house. They crawl in almost all places. We even have to put every food that’s not in the refrigerator in the center of a pool of water just to make sure they’d not invade them. Today, however, I can’t accept their wrongdoings anymore because they infested the most important part of the equipment in our house … My sister’s Laptop.

I never expected to see them in here. We don’t even eat near the laptop but still they invaded it. They’re probably making an ant hill in there. I HATE THEM! I hope they get killed while I type and I hope the heat of the computer burns them to death.

I’m still concerned as to what I should do. A few minutes ago, I opened the laptop and disassembled a lot of its parts. There I confirmed that they’re residing in all the nicks and crooks of the laptop. I cleaned it as much as I can (or so I thought) and happily put it back. Still, after a few minutes of using it, their still crawling in and out of the keys. I can’t seem to comprehend what’s happening.

Why can’t they be satistfied!

Tomorrow I’m definitely gonna exterminate them. I’ll suck them up with the vacuum if I had to but for now, I’ll just kill them one by one as they come out. Atleast their army is lessening.


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