My journey then til now

Job Hunting

Seems like I had a few luck with my job hunting.

I got an email last week from ADTX/AWS telling me that I passed the exam and that they’d contact me soon for the initial interview. I’m really happy that I passed the exam because I’ve been doubting myself recently due to the fact that everytime I took an exam, nothing happens afterwards. Not a call or even an email to atleast tell me that I didn’t make it that’s why I’m really happy that now I made some progress.

Next I was asked for an interview by TOSHIBA. It was really unexpected for me. I do know that there’d be a lot of applicants who were much more deserving than I am so I’m very glad that I was given a chance to have an interview. The interview was really fun. At first I was nervous because it was my first formal interview but afterwards I felt comfortable. My interview before with ionics was so informal that I could even speak in tagalog because they’re talking in tagalog that’s why I’m really happy to be given the opportunity to experience a formal interview. I’d really want to be accepted in this company but it would probably be a miracle if they actually chose me. The stakes are high and the offer was really good that’s why I’m very interested.

Tomorrow, I’d have another exam. It’s for pointwest for their programmer trainee. I’ll take the exam tomorrow. They said the exam was kinda the same as that of accenture. Dang! I have to study to atleast get a passing score

Wish me luck!


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