My journey then til now

Unexpected Message

I was losing hope already in my previous post when a text message arrived. It’s from AWS inviting me for an interview tomorrow.

God was really listening to me. I was so down since yesterday that I’ve been teary-eyed most of the time and then just when I’m sulking here in my room, He gave me a brand new hope.

I already learned my lesson so I’ll definitely try to be prepared for tomorrow. I have to pass this no matter what because this is also one of the companies I really liked. It’s a japanese company which also sends their employees to Japan to transact their business.

I do have heard that the starting salary for this would be really low because you’ll only be on allowance when you start the training but I guess that’s good enough for me. I’m after their training anyway so it’s still a win-win situation just in case I do get accepted by this company.

I hope I do get this. I’m really tired of looking for a job and I would want to already feel settled/secured that I would have somewhere to go and that I have a job waiting for me.


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