My journey then til now

My very hectic week

Last week was really hectic for me. A lot of things happened.


Exam at Rohm
I’m not really ecstatic in working in this company but I tried it anyways, for experience reason. The exam was something I’ve already seen so many times. Aptitude exams doesn’t scare me anymore probably because I’ve taken it alot of times already. It also had a technical exam which is a multiple choice type.

Interview at AWS/ADTX
I was interviewed by the trainers. I was quite used already to being interviewed so I think I did ok. I’d know in a week if I would have a final interview. I hope I would!

Phone Interview with Navitaire
It was really unexpected. I was sitting in powerbooks reading some mangas there when my phone rang. I answered it and there she said she’s from navitaire. She asked me if it was a convenient time to have a phone interview. Since I really don’t have anything to do that time, I said it was ok. I’m not really expecting anything from it after the interview because I know that what they are looking for right now are those who have working experience.


Part 2 of ROHM exam
It was really hard! I can’t answer anything. I’m really not good when it comes to technical exams specially if it is a semicon exam. I’m just not interested in studying it as compared to programming. I wasn’t expecting any call after that but then in the afternoon, my phone rang and it was from ROHM. They said I’d be interviewed tomorrow.

Job expo
I went to school after the exam and submitted my applications to the companies attending the job expo. I submitted my resume to globe, azeus, HP and maersk.


Interview part 1
I was really having doubts to even continue the interview because I was not really interested in the job their offering. However, I decided to continue it anyways and just add it to my overflowing numbers of interview experiences hehe

Interview part 2
As much as I don’t expect it, I made it to the final interview and we talked about the salary and the type of work. I was quite speechless afterwards and can’t react for a minute. At first, I do expect a low salary since I don’t have any working experience yet but actually having almost the same salary for the next five years is pretty much not what I’m expecting. They gave me time to think it over and to discuss it with my parents. If within a week I don’t give them a call, then that means I didn’t accept it.

My friends were kind enough to list me to the companies they applied. I think they were corebuilt and amkor.


Job expo
Went to job expo again to send my resumes to different companies. I gave it to Sharp, you-net and anino mobile.

My most dreaded email arrived. It was from Toshiba telling me that I did not meet the set criteria to allow me to go on to the next stage. However, they still gave me an opportunity to submit my resume to their company here in the PHilippines. I’m not sure I’m still willing to give it another try. I don’t really like working in technoparks hehe.

So now I’m back to square one: sending my applications again and waiting for an exam or interview. The only pending application I have as of now is AWS.

My life s really beginning to get harsh haha. I just wanted to get a decent job that I really like and yet it doesn’t come as easy as it looks.


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