My journey then til now

Translation site

I learned about this new translation site from riffsilver

1. Go to this site:
2. Copy the url of the site you would translate and paste it on the search box
3. Choose the 4th radio button just below the search box so that it would translate from japanese to english.
4. Click the button beside the search box and PRESTO! you have a site translated in english.

This site is much better because the translation is beneath the original language. Also the link from the original site can be seen from the top of the page so you won’t need to go back to the original site just so you would know the url of the page. Another good thing about this site is that once you clicked the translated links, it would already translate that link into english without the hassle of copying again the url links from the original site… which means, you can already work your way in the translated site without going back to the original site.

very convenient!


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