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I downloaded the whole POP album from riffsilver. Thanks for uploading it. ^_^ The tracklist for the whole album is:

1. Jet Hyp!
2. Wonderful Life
3. Hal
4. Maria C.
5. Taion wo Koete
6. Summer Emotion
7. Tender is
8. if
9. P.O.P.
10. Loop
11. Jinsei Game
12. Yuragi
13. Life
14. Crash in the Days
15. Subete no tomo no tameni kitto ashita wa kuru kara (bonus track)

This is the first time I’ve sampled FtC songs and I really liked it. For this album, I gave it a rating of 8/10… not really a perfect score because there are a few songs that I don’t really…errr…like.

The band reminds me of TOKIO and Subaru (I think their genres are jpop but that’s another story) 😉 because the vocalist of FtC, tokio and subaru have something in common: It’s the way they sing the lyrics where they make the lyrics sound as if its vibrating. It’s not a bad thing though… in fact it really sounds good and I think it suit the songs.

The album in general is not what I would say as hard rock. In fact, it sounds more of pop than rock. Still, it’s not so poppish where you’d generalize it as something coming from a jpop artist. I think, it’s safe to say that their theme for this album is Easy Listening Rock leaning on Happy sounding type (if there is such a genre hehe). I’ve thought of the appropriate term yipee. POPROCK hehe (very UNoriginal of me ::grin::)

Jet Hyp! is a song that makes you hyper! The intro was very long, I almost thought it’s an all instrumental song. Very upbeat and happy sounding. I liked this song the first time I heard it especially the chorus part. When I listen to it, the images that comes into my mind is that the vocalist is being chased and he keeps running happily because they can’t catch him. (I have a very weird imagination). This is one of my fave songs in the album.

Wonderful life is another upbeat song. I didn’t appreciate it the first time but as I continue listening to it, the song seems to grow in you. You’ll begin to like it and now it’s one of my fave songs in the album.

Hal is somewhat more rock than the other two. Soft rock I guess. I also like this song. The song is not a genki song but more of an uplifting song. It starts slow then the beat begins to get more and more energetic but not to the point that it sounds upbeat. Another fave for me 🙂

Maria C is really weird. Don’t know why. I don’t hate it but it’s not something I’d listen everyday. It has a hawaiian/Spanish flavor in its style. I said hawaiian because the intro really made me think of hawaii then when you get to the next stanza you’d think of spain.

Taion wo Koete has the same genre as Hal although with a somewhat techno style and more rock. It sounds good but its not my favorite hehe. Actually the techno part ruined it for me because I felt it sounded like a remix. I’m not actually sure if it’s techno but it sure sounded like that for me. I like the song but I’m just not comfortable with the techno beats included hehe. It’s a keeper though because you’ll get used to it after listening to it a few times.

Summer Emotion is cool. I liked how they did the guitar intro. I hope I could do it someday :D. I really liked how the instruments were played in this song especially the guitars. THe music actually suits the title. It’s summerry but it has emotion especially the last stanzas. You’ll feel the song more.

Tender is reminded me of silverchair’s diorama album. this song makes me sad somehow but the song’s nice. It’s good to listen to when your alone thinking about your life.

If is almost in the same genre as tender is (for me). It seems like in the middle part of the album, the songs are mostly the sad type.

P.O.P is the song I never liked. Just to techno and weird for me. not my taste.

Loop is a likable song but it’s not something that got me connected with the song. I just had this weird disliking about techno backgrounds (intro and outro) because I don’t like remix sounding songs. It makes me feel detached to the song. It’s just my opinion though…

Jinsei Game is another good song. It really sounds as if you’re in a middle of the battle in an RPG game. Catchy tune. I really liked the way they played the instruments here. cool sounds.

Yuragi is another fave song for me. Not only because I found the chords for this song but also because the beat is good and I liked how everything was done in this song. Vocals and music are well done.

Life is the first song I’ve heard from them that’s why it’s special. It’s refreshing to listen to. I’ve repeated it a lot of times already. It’s my most favorite song from this album PERIOD

Crash in the days is deceiving! At first I thought its a sad song because of the piano intro but then you’ll be surprised once the other instruments start. It’s an upbeat song that’s why I said it’s deceiving.

Subete no tomo no tameni kitto ashita wa kuru kara is probably the longest title I’ve ever heard of as of now. I like this because it’s an acoustic song. Nice to listen to. I hope I’d be able to find the chords/tabs for this.

that’s it! I’m not really good in reviewing an album. It’s actually my first review for an album.


Comments on: "Fanatic Crisis – POP Album Review" (2)

  1. FtC fanatic mode on

    Thank you for downloading this album and making a review ^___^

    Your review is better than mine. Well mine wasn’t really a review XD I’m so happy to spread the FtC love ^^

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