My journey then til now

We presented our thesis paper for the 3rd International Conference on Humanoid, Nanotechnology,Information Technology, Communication And Control,Environment and Management (HNICEM 2007) held at Century Park Hotel. We were the first to present for the Parallel Session under the topic of Humanoids and Robotics. It was my groupmate who presented our thesis because only 1 person may present during the conference paper presentation.

Our thesis paper was entitled Autonomous Golf-Playing Robot. This is the overview of our thesis ^_^. This is not the actual abstract of our paper because I’m not sure if it is OK to post it.

The robot’s main objective is to “put” a golf ball to the hole of a predefined golf course. It has an overhead camera which oversees and captures a frame of the playing field in order to locate the coordinates of the ball, hole and the robot. It is connected to a computer which handles the vision system and artificial intelligence for the robot. It also handles the graphical user interface of the project. For the vision system, it utilized color object detection techniques in order to locate the ball, hole and robot. As for the artificial intelligence, it utilized fuzzy logic in order to come up with the strategies in traversing and positioning on the field. It has a transmitter connected to the computer which functions as a sender of the data regarding the movement/action of the robot. As for the physical structure of the robot, the body and the putter are both made of aluminum. It has 2 wheels and a ball caster to address its movement. The wheels are attached to a pair of DC servomotors that will control its movement. The RC servomotor will be responsible for the motion of the putter in addressing the golf ball. A microcontroller was used to control the motors as well as process the information sent by the computer through wireless transmission.

Here’s a short clip of our robot in action. I was the one who made this hehe. I even did an instant replay to highlight the putting action of the robot. The background music of the video was from L`Arc~en~Ciel’s song Larva (Ark Album).

The conference was OK. I do believe our thesis was presented well. I was hoping for a certificate of participation but I guess it was too much to ask. We were able to ask for a souvenir item which was a compilation of papers presented and a CD although we only got 1 copy. We’ll just photocopy it and burn the cd for our keepsake ^_^.

It was nice to see some familiar faces such as our adviser and professors although I’m not sure they still remember our names. We weren’t able to meet anyone new since we left early and only stayed there after the next presenter.


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