My journey then til now

At Last!

I think I’d be able to get a job! I just received a message telling me that I passed the final interview and that they are inviting me to attend this coming Thursday for the job offer.

I really can’t believe it! After several months of applying to different companies, I finally landed to something I really wanted. I almost felt it was destined to happen.

I learned about this job last January when they still haven’t advertised it yet. I decided to send my resume but it kept bouncing back to me. I decided to call them and ask if it is possible to just walk-in and personally apply. They said it was OK and they would schedule me for an exam.

I took the exam and to tell you the truth, I was the only one taking the exam that time. The HR then told me that I was the first one to apply and they were still finalizing the ads about the job.

After a week, I received an email telling me that I passed the exam and they would schedule me for an initial interview. The initial interview happened after a month. However, during that time, I was also applying to different companies. I attended all the interviews and exams but somehow I ended up being turned down.

I attended the initial interview which I felt went well. I then followed up my application after 2 weeks and I learned that I passed the interview but the final interview is going to be scheduled after a month. They asked me if I would wait for it. Of course I said I would.

Still, I made sure I have other back up plans just in case I won’t pass the final interview. I decided to apply again to different companies while waiting for the final interview. I attended the exams and interviews. Some of it didn’t bother to inform me about the result while the others gracefully turned me down.

Everything seemed to be going the wrong way and I am starting to lose my confidence in ever finding a job. Just when I was thinking about these things, I received a call about the final interview. I also received a message and an email about 2 initial interviews. The final interview was scheduled on a tuesday while the other 2 were both scheduled on a wednesday. I decided to resched one of the interviews scheduled for wednesday and just attend the other one. As for the final interview, I attended it.

For the final interview, I was interviewed by a panel consisting of VPs, 2 Japanese and 1 filipino. It wasn’t too intimadating and I do felt I had the interview under control when the Filipino asked a really hard question regarding my applications with other companies. He asked me if ever the 2 companies offered me a job at the same time, would I take them considering that their offer is only an allowance during training. It was really hard for me to answer. I lamely replied that if it ever happened, I really don’t know what to do and that I’d probably ask my parents about it. It was a really lame excuse but I can’t think of anything to answer. I would have wanted to lie but I’m not good in doing it and it might look too plastic.

As I think about it at home, I felt I made a huge mistake. I was waiting for the reply about my rescheduled interview but it seemed they did not bother to reply anymore. As for my other interview that happened last wednesday, I received an email telling me I did not pass. I really felt at a lost. I don’t know what to do anymore if ever I also would not pass the final interview. I really felt I’m going to start all over again…

I decided to seek help. Spiritual help so to speak. I can’t think of anything else to do so I thought I’d give it a try. I asked GOD and ST. JUDE to guide me on this ordeal that I’m having. I really prayed hard. I never expected anything and then I received a blessing. I was HEARD! My prayers were answered! I almost can’t believe it happened too soon just when I was still starting my novena.

I really don’t believe in stuff like that but at that point I really felt at a lost. I was really happy They heard me and I do believe I owed Them a lot. I realized that all the hardships I had in finding a job paid off. I just needed to complete the task which was to ask THEM and let THEM do rest.

It was probably the only thing they’re waiting from me. If those things never happened, I probably wouldn’t have asked for Their help. I’m thankful for everything that happened to me for the past months I was looking for a job. I had a lot of experiences and learned a lot from it.

Now, I feel settled. Of course it still unofficial but I can’t wait to post it. 🙂 I hope Thursday would come already!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS in advance! 2 Japanese? Anong company yan? Is there a chance of being sent to Japan for work?

    • Thanks! Advanced World Systems yung company. Siguro may chance pero bka depende sa performance etc. di ko lang sigurado.

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