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Scorching Heat!

The world definitely changed.

Summer heat is not something you’ll be able to withstand anymore. Sleeping at night using electric fans is not enough to make it through the night. There are times I can’t sleep anymore! Before I thought it was probably an insomnia attack but lately I really feel it’s because of the warm nights. There’s no wind, the environment is humid, we’re practically overworking the fans to generate air circulation inside the house.

Siestas in the afternoon is a no no. You’ll die with your own sweat! YOu’ll be dehydrated even before you wake up. I sometimes wish I’m already in training so that I’d be able to freely use an aircondition.

As for the other side of the world, the opposite is happening. I do remember seeing in the news that the eastern part of US is experiencing snowy condition when it is supposed to be spring time already.

This is probably because of “Global Warming.” I hope there’s something we can do. I also remembered watching National Geographics Channel where there is this one person talking about the upcoming earth day and she’s saying that she hopes that instead of using the funds for military purposes, it’s better to use the funds for environmental conservation.

I think it’s the right thing to do. I do agree that we’d better start thinking about conserving the environment (which would lengthen a person’s life) for a change instead of using the money to kill a person’s life. It’s really absurd funding something as brutal as that. Well I’d better stop talking about this before it gets into politics hehe.

I hope someone would invent something to patch the hole in the earth. I just want to feel those summer days in the past where the heat of the sun doesn’t burn you.


Nothing much

I haven’t updated this for awhile cuz there’s nothing I could think of. I’ve been a bum for a long time, almost broke and downright LAZY.

My PV recordings are over because our cable provider removed channel V in their line-up. I’d probably call them to ask if this is a temporary thing.

I missed the jcrunch event partly because of my fault and partly because no one’s home. Can’t really go out because of lack of cash.

I’m about to finish my self-study on hiragana lessons and should start the katakana lessons.

I just finished watching Prince of Tennis live action and Loveholic. I’m thinking of making a separate post on both of these when I get the urge on making one hehe.

I’ve been in front of a computer/TV almost the whole time I’m awake.

I could sum it up by saying I practically have NO LIFE … BUT it doesn’t matter. I’m getting used to it already and I do think that when I start my training, I bet I’m gonna miss being a bum.

Laruku on TV

I just finished eating my dinner and decided to watch TV. The TV in our room is always on Channel V and when I turned it on… a familiar song hit my ear. IT WAS CARESS OF VENUS and to top it off the face I first saw was HYDE! I was almost shocked to death seeing L`Arc~en~Ciel on our very own TV. I never expected it because I wasn’t able to check their site recently and I didn’t see any new info about it.

I was on panic afterwards. They are actually showing the 15th L’Anniversary concert which was shown previously on WOWOW. Our computer has a TV tuner and since I’m not aware of the schedule… I wasn’t able to record it on time. I was hesitating on whether to still record it or not and after a lot of debating with myself… I decided to record the remaining performance just in case there is no more replay of the show.

I was really happy seeing them perform all together. I’m just so hyper seeing them again! As for the performance… all I can say is… AWESOME! They performed really well. The medley part was GREATTTTOOO!!! As for the ending song NIJI, it was so perfect! I felt I could cry hearing it and watching it all at the same time. I have a feeling of nostalgia because of how they looked. The clothes they were wearing somehow looked as if they were the same clothes during their previous concerts such as in GCC time.

After the show I logged on the internet and checked the official site. I was very fortunate to see there were 3 schedules of the show on Channel V. It was first aired last march 31. The show I saw today was already a replay. Lucky enough, it has another replay which is scheduled on April 3, at around 1700.

I then checked the schedule for channel V and I was able to confirm that it will have a replay on 1730 HK time (so basically same 5:30 pm here in the philippines). The show is only for an hour so I guess it would not show the complete concert.

Just when I thought my laruku fever is over… I decided to check the program guide for our NHK channel and there … all I could say is that I’m a lucky girl! Today is the broadcast of Laruku’s performance on POPJAM! I can’t believe I’ll see laruku on two different channels on the same day! I’m definitely a LUCKY GIRL!!!

Honestly, I have already downloaded the performance beforehand but I’m still excited to see it on our TV screen. It has a different feeling when your actually watching it on TV and thinking that others are also able to watch it with you at the same time you’re watching it.

I’m so hyped right now!

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