My journey then til now

Nothing much

I haven’t updated this for awhile cuz there’s nothing I could think of. I’ve been a bum for a long time, almost broke and downright LAZY.

My PV recordings are over because our cable provider removed channel V in their line-up. I’d probably call them to ask if this is a temporary thing.

I missed the jcrunch event partly because of my fault and partly because no one’s home. Can’t really go out because of lack of cash.

I’m about to finish my self-study on hiragana lessons and should start the katakana lessons.

I just finished watching Prince of Tennis live action and Loveholic. I’m thinking of making a separate post on both of these when I get the urge on making one hehe.

I’ve been in front of a computer/TV almost the whole time I’m awake.

I could sum it up by saying I practically have NO LIFE … BUT it doesn’t matter. I’m getting used to it already and I do think that when I start my training, I bet I’m gonna miss being a bum.


Comments on: "Nothing much" (1)

  1. Savor the days of being carefree~

    Pero I’m excited for you on your first job ^^

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