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adik adik

Haayy naku! naaadik na naman ako sa dorama. Kasalanan ng Hana yori dango 2! Pinag iisipan ko tuloy kung bili ko ng GTO o hindi pero gusto kong magkaron ng maayos na kopya ng GTO kaya baka maghanap ulet ako sa suki kong bilihan hehe

Ang ganda ng Hanadan2! Nakakaadik! Dalawang araw ko lang sia pinanood. Dapat nga isang araw lang kaso sumakit ung mata ko kaya napilitan akong tumigil.

Ang kyut nilang lahat dun lalo na si OGURI SHUN! nyahahaha

Nakaka LSS ung kanta ng ARASHI na Love so Sweet. Un din ung opening ng hanadan2. Feeling ko tuloy bka maging fan ako ng arashi neto. Ang angas ng PV nito dahil ang galing nila mag act as manequin.

MAY SEVENTH HEAVEN PV NA!!!!! Nakita ko sa youtube hahaha may bago din song ang laruku para sa Subaru CM.

namimiss ko tuloy ung channel V namin dahil sigurado ipapalabas un mga PVs na un dun.

Ang disoriented ng post ko hehe LABO LABO NA TO HAHA


Down This Video

If you want to download videos from youtube or google videos, then this site is for you!

this site allows you to download the videos from site that “streams” videos. It’s very easy to use.

1. Copy the url of the video in youtube or google video.
2. go to the downthisvideo site and paste the link on the bar then click download.
3. After that you’d be transferred to a page where the download link shows at the bottom of the page.

*** For youtube files, the videos are in flv format. For google vid files they may either be in flv,avi or mp4 files.

An advantage of this is that you don’t need to download a program and install it in your computer just so you can download the files from youtube, etc.
Of course you can’t expect high quality videos since sites such as youtube, etc. convert the vidz into smaller LQ files. FLV files can be played in VLC player. This is a freeware so just google it 🙂

If you want to store it and probably watch it in IPOD vid, mp4 player or Palm pilot then the quality is tolerable enough. Of course converting it from one format to another is a diffferent story. Hopefully, your gadget has some tools that converts it from one format to another.

some time off

It seems quite a while since the last time i’ve created a post. Nothing special really happened. My kapatid is already on vacation so I have to share the pc with him. It’s either he use it for the day or I use it for the day. This goes on and on for the past couple of days and usually it’s me not being able to use it.

I was able to finish my hiragana and katakana self study meaning I’m suppose to be ABLE to read kanas as if it’s as normal as romaji but I’m still slow in reading it. I don’t have a lot of kanas to read here at home.

I’m actually planning to post what I’ve learned so far here in this journal but I can’t seem to find the right time to do it without being disturbed. Whenever I have the chance to use the PC, something seems to come up that requires my attention/help. I wanted to make it so that I’d have an online reference on what I’ve learned and it would be more accessible for me.

I’m studying a book “Japanese in Thirty hours” which I found in our school’s library. It’s a very old book and it’s dated in the 1950’s. It is very easy to understand and once you’ve read the first 5 lessons, I assure you that you’ll be amazed that you already know how to make simple sentences.

I was able to finish removing the commercials on 15th L’anniversary shown on Channel V (we still have that channel during that time). It took me SIX long hours re-encoding everything because the PC heats up. I’m really proud of Laruku being able to accomplish such feat. 15 long years in the entertainment biz is definitely a remarkable thing and I’m happy that they’re still pursuing their career as musician. I hope they’ll stay together as long as they can and make music the way they do.

I just finished my medical/physical exam. I hope everything’s fine. They even took a tuberculin test. I’m glad the result was negative. I’m such a worrier about things happening to me.

My birthday’s coming up! I’m not really hyped about it coz I don’t have any plans yet on what to do on that day. I’d probably bum around again.

I’m watching BLEACH anime. I never thought I would be hooked on it. It’s a cool anime about a HS student being able to acquire shinigami powers given to him by a shinigami in order to save his family. Seems like animes are really focusing on shinigamis for the past years.

I do plan to post a lot today but my laziness is kicking me back. I just have a lot of posting plans that somehow thinking about it ends me up not doing it.

I’ll end this. I’m blabbing a lot of useless things hehe

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