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Down This Video

If you want to download videos from youtube or google videos, then this site is for you!

this site allows you to download the videos from site that “streams” videos. It’s very easy to use.

1. Copy the url of the video in youtube or google video.
2. go to the downthisvideo site and paste the link on the bar then click download.
3. After that you’d be transferred to a page where the download link shows at the bottom of the page.

*** For youtube files, the videos are in flv format. For google vid files they may either be in flv,avi or mp4 files.

An advantage of this is that you don’t need to download a program and install it in your computer just so you can download the files from youtube, etc.
Of course you can’t expect high quality videos since sites such as youtube, etc. convert the vidz into smaller LQ files. FLV files can be played in VLC player. This is a freeware so just google it 🙂

If you want to store it and probably watch it in IPOD vid, mp4 player or Palm pilot then the quality is tolerable enough. Of course converting it from one format to another is a diffferent story. Hopefully, your gadget has some tools that converts it from one format to another.


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