My journey then til now

Pump gear at work

I would like to share with you my pump gear at work.

These are the bags I bring in our Mom’s room. An Igloo thermal bag at the right and a separate bag for my pump motor. I have them separated since I leave the pump motor at work.


This is my avent dual electric pump. It has its own bag at home but I did not ise it because it is too big. I just used a smaller bag I was able to find at home. Inside, it has the motor, the pump suction and the adapter.


This is my setup at work. In my cooler, i have 6 bottles of 4 oz avent bottles, pump flanges wrapped by a white cloth, techni-ice and 4 ice gel packs.


I leave our house around 7:30 am and go back at home aroung 9 pm daily. So I’m away for around 14 hours. My milk still stays cold with the amount of ice packs I bring at work. I don’t put it in our common refrigerator because it is too crowded with a lot of food from different people and it is far from the mom’s room.

I also have an alcohol, hand sanitizer, pen and masking tape in my igloo cooler for hygiene and marking purposes.

These are all the things I bring at work. It is heavy to bring especially when the gel packs starts to thaw but I could libe with it.


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