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Pump gear at work

I would like to share with you my pump gear at work.

These are the bags I bring in our Mom’s room. An Igloo thermal bag at the right and a separate bag for my pump motor. I have them separated since I leave the pump motor at work.


This is my avent dual electric pump. It has its own bag at home but I did not ise it because it is too big. I just used a smaller bag I was able to find at home. Inside, it has the motor, the pump suction and the adapter.


This is my setup at work. In my cooler, i have 6 bottles of 4 oz avent bottles, pump flanges wrapped by a white cloth, techni-ice and 4 ice gel packs.


I leave our house around 7:30 am and go back at home aroung 9 pm daily. So I’m away for around 14 hours. My milk still stays cold with the amount of ice packs I bring at work. I don’t put it in our common refrigerator because it is too crowded with a lot of food from different people and it is far from the mom’s room.

I also have an alcohol, hand sanitizer, pen and masking tape in my igloo cooler for hygiene and marking purposes.

These are all the things I bring at work. It is heavy to bring especially when the gel packs starts to thaw but I could libe with it.


Work and breastfeeding

I’ve been breastfeeding for 8 months now and have been back at work for around 5 months already. I must say I have gotten used to pumping milk at work.

To give everyone an idea on how I do it at work, I’ll share my story 🙂

When I first went back to work, it was very awkward for me to pump despite having a Mom’s room at work since I’m the kind of person who only leaves my desk when there is a meeting and lunch. I rarely take break from work so it was new to me to leave my desk to do something else. I initially brought with me my avent manual pump just so I don’t have to bring something bulky at work and just to be discrete. I also just pumped twice at work with an interval of over 5 hours.

For the first month or so being back at work, the routine was fine until I noticed a gradual decrease in my supply. Also, I noticed I needed to stay in the Mom’s Room longer just to reach my quota of breastmilk. When I started work, I could initially take home around 11-12 oz of bm. However as weeks gone by, it came to a point that I could only produce around 7-8 oz. Not enough for my growing baby 😦

I decided to do some drastic measures. I brought my avent electric dual pump eventhough it is bulky and pumped 3 times at the office. I decided to bring it at work despite being bulky since it would take less time to pump and could produce more output. It would just be a little inconvenience while going to work but more efficient while at work. Now I could already produce around 16-18 oz at work. Just enough for my baby.

Here is my routine now:
1. At around 6 am, my baby latches to me.
2. We eat breakfast at around 7 am and leave for work around 7:30 am.
3. I arrive at work around 9 am and pump milk upon arrival. This would last for atleast 15-20 minutes. Just in time for our early morning meeting at 10 am.
4. I take my lunch around 11:30 am and finish around 12 noon. I pump again around 12:30 or 1 pm depending if there is a scheduled meeting at noon.
5. Just before i leave work, i pump for the last time. So that would either be around 6-7 pm.

You might notice that my intervals are not the usual intervals, but this schedule worked for me and I have been doing this sched for atleast 3 month. My body seemed to have gotten used to this setup.

Sometimes in the afternoon, i pump much later, around 2 pm due to a lot of meetings sceduled for the day. But i only do this occasionally so as not to let my body get used to the schedule.

I do feel sometimes that it is a lot of sacrifice. Being tired at work and pumping at work is like 2 different work being done. But I always try to remember that If I won’t pump milk, what would my baby drink?!

Just to make my pumping not too boring, I fb during my pumping breaks. I learned how to pump handsfree despite not having a hands free bra! Just doing some acrobatic stuff haha.

I also learned how to not feel guilty when I’m pumping milk. I don’t know how I learned it but eventually since I have gotten used to pumping milk, I felt it was natural for me to have this break for pumping. I realized that if others use their break to yosi, or to eat, then why not use my break for pumping right!

That’s me pumping at work. Next time I’ll post my pumping gears. 🙂

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